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About Us

It's getting to be that time when there's some person, duck, or reptile on your television claiming to be the only ones who can save you money on your insurance. The reality is that a good general agency with years of experience in the industry, can save you more on all of your insurance than any one company can. Additionally, your ​independent agent can advocate on your behalf with many different carriers to get you the best coverage for your needs and save you money. One of the most trusted and effective independent insurance agencies in the region, A to Z Insurance, is both local and family owned. A to Z Insurance was founded in 1919 and has been providing an exceptional level of service to our clients in the Central Valley & across California. A to Z can handle all of your insurance needs from you Vehicles to General Liability.


(Right to Left) Robert, Martha, and Liz Kolstad

Owners of A to Z Insurance

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